Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway at Uniblok

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway at Uniblok

Posted by: kshitij lunthi | 29 Jul 2022

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway at Uniblok


It is a decentralized marketplace powered by blockchain where clients and talent can meet and work together.

Here all the meetings are conducted in metaverse to make them more convenient. 

Due to the fact that payments take time and cost more when they are made far away, we have enabled cryptocurrency payments, which are safer and faster than paying online with a debit card or other online means.

Steps to make payment on uniblok application

Step 1

The client has to post a job describing his project, and after he finishes filling out all the details, he would need to pay a fee for posting the job.

Step 2

Upon clicking pay now, the client will be prompted to choose either fiat or cryptocurrencies as the form of payment.

Step 3

If you choose to pay with Fiat money you can just pay with your debit/credit card. When you choose to pay with cryptocurrency, you need to connect to the Metamask wallet first. If you don’t have one then create one.

Step 4

When you connect your Metamask wallet, you will be shown 4 cryptocurrency options to pay with : PTX, Ethereum, Polygon, and USDT. If you choose PTX then you will be offered a discount or rebate.

Step 5

Select the Cryptocurrency you wish to use.The wallet balance of your chosen cryptocurrency will be shown to you, along with the amount you need to pay.

Step 6

Your metamask wallet will be notified that a payment has been requested, and the payment will be completed once the amount has been received.

Cryptocurrency Supported

Clients and talents deal in cryptocurrency via Uniblok, a platform that supports cryptocurrencies.There are four cryptocurrencies we deal with at the moment. Here is a description of these cryptocurrencies and how our own crypto coin, PTX, can benefit you:

PTX : 

PTX is a cryptocurrency that represents the pandolab’s technology for reducing video streaming costs by up to 70% using blockchain technology. Using IPFS, private computing, and streaming technology, it is supported with blockchain technology. 

Additionally, if you pay with PTX, you will receive a discount.

Polygon : 

Polygon is a “layer two” scaling solution that runs alongside the Ethereum blockchain, allowing for fast transactions and minimal costs.


USDT is a cryptocurrency stablecoin that is tied to the US dollar and is backed. (100% by Tether’s reserves)

Ethereum : 

Anyone may use Ethereum to build any secure digital technology. It has a currency built for usage on the blockchain network, but members may also use it to pay for blockchain work.

Benefit of payment with PTX Pando Token :

Making payments through PTX has benefits for both talent and clients. Both parties receive discounts on the platform usage fee we charge from them. Here are the benefits we offer:

Clients can get a discount on platform usage fees if they pay through PTX when creating a job.

Talents who use our platform for a job search and enter into an agreement with the client must pay a platform usage fee, on which they can get a discount if they pay through PTX.

For e.g:  As a client posts a job and fills out all the required details, and as a talent if he begins a contract with client, he also needs to pay the platform usage fee. If they choose to pay through PTX, we will provide them with a discount on the platform fee.

Available Options of Fiat Payment Gateways :

Uniblok offers two methods of payment to clients and talents: cryptocurrency and fiat currency. With this feature, clients can choose between fiat or cryptocurrency as a payment method while posting jobs, and talents while accepting the work as the preferred method of payment.

Thus, it will be dynamically determined by preferences.

There will be an option in the admin panel to enable or disable payment methods for specific countries, which can be changed accordingly.

To support payment in countries without cryptocurrency regulation, fiat payment methods are also available as an option.

The end user is completely free to choose which payment gateway to use.

Depending on the agreement terms between the client and talent, there will be either a weekly or monthly invoice. It’s up to the parties which payment currency they want to use.


Uniblok is a cryptocurrency-centric platform, where talent and clients receive and pay the amount in crypto. We have a Singapore-based cryptocurrency system that primarily deals with PTX, USDT, Polygon and Ethereum presently. Being a cryptocurrency-centric platform doesn’t mean it does not accept fiat payments, we also accept fiat payments.

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