Freelance Clients Search: A Quick Guide to Find Work

Freelance Clients Search: A Quick Guide to Find Work

Posted by: kshitij lunthi | 22 Nov 2022

Freelance Clients Search: A Quick Guide to Find Work

The moment you decide to become a freelancer, you need help finding clients and work. As a freelancer, there are several essential aspects to consider. This article will explore how to obtain a client and how to become a freelancer. We will walk you through the process of obtaining clients as a freelancer – from finding them, winning them over, and setting yourself up for long-term success.

How to locate freelance clients

how to locate freelance clients

As a freelancer, you may have the opportunity to locate clients at a variety of places. We will describe them here :

Freelancing Platforms

Social Media

Personal Connections

Freelancing Platforms 

freelancing platforms

There is no doubt that freelance platforms are one of the most trusted places to begin your freelancing career since they offer a secure, simple, and reliable means of finding paying clients. Despite the fact that every freelancing platform works slightly differently, they all have the same goal of helping freelancers find jobs – either by helping freelancers find clients or clients find freelancers.

Listed below are  freelancing platforms that can assist you in obtaining valuable clients :

Uniblok :

The Uniblok platform is a freelancing platform that offers freelancers quality clients as well as assurances of data security due to its blockchain technology-backed marketplace. Since there is a minimal KYC process required to get onboard, I prefer this freelance site because you will not encounter any scams there. As no one can guarantee a scam-free platform, you must be cautious about scammers to some extent to ensure that there are no scams. 

Upwork :

Upwork is a popular freelancing network that provides secure connections for freelancers. Due to its large user base, there are numerous opportunities for freelancers. Getting good clients is very competitive here, and you need to set your rate according to your capabilities.

Flexjobs :

Freelancers can access a lot of job openings through Flexjobs. On that platform, there will be almost no scam clients or freelancers. Unfortunately, freelancers must be vigilant when it comes to finding scams, whether they are in-person or online. FlexJobs, however, screens all of the jobs listed on their website in order to avoid scams and spam. Through a premium, paid service, freelancers are guaranteed to find legitimate, valuable clients.

Toptal :

The Toptal platform may be a suitable option if you are already an expert in your field but want to find freelance clients. A major objective of Toptal is to match the most talented freelancers with lucrative clients. Since their site is an elite one, you will be required to undergo a rigorous approval process. Once you are a member, you will have the opportunity to work with big-name clients, such as Motorola, Udemy and Commonbond.

Social Media 

social media

Consider social media when searching for clients. You can reach your potential clients free and easily via one or more platforms. Furthermore, it is an extremely beneficial way to network with other freelancers in your field and related fields. You may be referred to clients by these freelancers or enlisted in one of their projects. Let’s discuss how social media can be used to your advantage.

LinkedIn :

With LinkedIn’s emphasis on building connections, you can find clients in almost any profession. A professional profile can serve as a resume. You can post compelling samples and case studies of your work. In addition, you can build a strong network that can quickly lead to new business opportunities. It is a smart idea to take LinkedIn skill tests and optimize your profile as a freelancer so that clients can easily find you. The endorsement and recommendation of past clients or colleagues will also enhance your credibility with potential clients.

Twitter :

Another useful tool for freelancers to attract new clients is Twitter. It is possible to establish authority in your field by sharing useful tips, information, and industry news through the platform. Twitter is also a handy place to get in touch with companies that are interested in hiring freelancers. Maintain a professional profile with your portfolio and contact information linked. By establishing a strong online presence, you will be able to reach new potential clients who need your services.

Facebook :

Using Facebook, freelancers or clients can create groups of individuals with similar interests. Through these groups, all members will remain informed of any trends or vacancies in the industry. The groups are divided into private and public. In order to join a private group, you must have the approval of the group admin; in order to join a public group, you do not require any approval, but there are some guidelines that must be followed for each group. The purpose of these groups is to assist you in finding clients who are looking for freelancers.

Reddit :

Reddit is a social media platform that operates differently from other social media sites. Reddit has many subreddits and forums with thousands of members that you can use to find freelance clients. Each forum has its own set of rules and purposes. The most effective way to gain the most benefit is to follow the rules, join them, and participate.You can interact with other posts in the forum or send direct messages to apply for jobs on client projects that you find suitable.

Instagram :

Since Instagram is a visual social media platform, any graphic designer can easily showcase his skills on his Instagram page to attract clients looking for a skilled graphic designer. In order to attract Instagram’s algorithm, make sure you post regularly and do some hashtag research in order to reach more users. Using the app, you can connect with other freelancers and find brands and clients looking for someone with your skillset and creativity.

Personal Connections

personal connection

If you want to grow your freelance business, start spreading the word to friends, family, former classmates, and professional contacts who might be interested in your services. The fact that they already know you adds a high level element of trust. In the need for a service, people are much more likely to hire someone they are personally connected to or who has been recommended to them. Sharing with your current network will inevitably result in your message spreading into their networks, which will provide you with more opportunities.

Steps to get your first client as a freelancer

steps to get your first client as a freelancer

You now know where you can find freelance clients, so now it’s time to see what you need to do in order to actually attract them to your business, follow these steps to follow to get your first Client :

Identify your expertise

Lookout for the opportunities available to you

Develop a portfolio of your work

Prepare a compelling presentation

Identify your expertise :

As a first step, you should have a thorough understanding of your own expertise in order to highlight them effectively.Although most people have a general idea of what they offer, many fail to determine their skills and then struggle to present themselves successfully. Getting clients relies heavily on your ability to package and sell your skills effectively.Make a list of your strongest cognitive and soft skills.

In order to truly stand out from the crowd, you must not only emphasize your core skills but also your soft skills in the process. Cognitive or core skills are what you will sell to future clients – they are the answers to their problems, but you will play up your soft skills as well.

Lookout for the opportunities available to you :

Having gained a complete understanding of what you can offer your clients, you will need to determine how to present those skills. At this point, you will begin researching the opportunities that are currently available to you. Rather than categorizing yourself into a niche based on what you think is in demand, consider what jobs are actually in demand. Using this approach, you will be able to determine how you can position your skills in a way that will appeal to clients. 

It is easy to conduct this market research by scrolling through listings on freelance job sites related to your area of expertise. Be aware of the types of jobs posted, the advertised rates, the popular industries, the common problems clients face, and what skills they are seeking. Additionally, you should pay attention to the keywords they use, as you will want to match them with yours. Here, the goal is to gain a thorough understanding of what clients are seeking before creating a portfolio or pitch that will be of limited value to them. Ensure that your research guides your next steps.

Develop a portfolio of your work :

After understanding what is in demand , it is now time to start building your portfolio. To win your first freelance client, you only need to submit one or two samples that are extremely targeted. Your research has already provided you with a clear understanding of what paying clients require. Consider that information when making or selecting your sample.

An effective portfolio should be accompanied by a case study explaining your approach to the what, why, and how. Include the end results you achieved if you are preparing a case study based on your previous work experience.After you have completed your targeted portfolio piece, you can send it to the client who inspired it with a compelling pitch.

I believe the most critical thing to remember is this: do not spend months constructing a large portfolio of samples that may not appeal to anyone. Rather, you should focus on creating short, targeted samples that will allow you to begin freelancing immediately.

Prepare a compelling presentation :

When pitching to a client, you should be brief and to-the-point about the value you can provide. You should keep in mind that your potential client is more concerned with themselves, their goals, and their issues than they are with you.

It’s best to begin by understanding what the issue or gap is that needs to be filled – something you have already done in step two – not your entire career history.

Provide a brief description of any previous work you have performed for any other client. You will be able to convey directly to your target client what value you can bring to them, and how you can do so. In person, this is an impressive opening pitch. To support your statement, you should also have samples and testimonials ready.

You’ll be laying everything out on one page when you pitch your services online.This is how it will look:

  • Give a brief description of your target client
  • Find out what their problems are
  • Describe how you will add value to their lives
  • Provide them with a solution to their problem by positioning yourself as the solution
  • Ensure that your claims are supported by testimonials
  • A call to action must be added at the end of the presentation

Ensure that your pitch is tailored to each individual client, and you should be able to gain your first client relatively quickly.

Key Takeaways

Now that you know where to find freelance work, you should be able to find work quickly. Moreover, you will learn how to position yourself for success and how to maintain a steady flow of clients. You will not be able to run a successful freelance business without clients.

At first, you will need to exert some additional effort in order to make yourself known to the clients. Eventually, you will be able to establish your reputation as a knowledgeable and trustworthy industry expert.

You can easily find freelance work from home jobs here if you are looking for a freelancing platform to start your freelance business.

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