An Explanation Of Rametrons, Their Types, And How They Are Activated

An Explanation Of Rametrons, Their Types, And How They Are Activated

Posted by: admin | 13 Jul 2022

An Explanation Of Rametrons, Their Types, And How They Are Activated

What Is Rametron

Rametron nodes are instances of the cluster that are located in between the user’s computer and the computers in the cluster. Rather than using the master nodes, which are crucial to the system’s overall operation, users can complete their tasks on the rametron node. This can help you prevent capacity losses on certain nodes.

Types Of Rametron

There are four types of Rametron which are explained as follows :

  1. Enterprise Rametron
  2. Basic Rametron
  3. Pro Rametron
  4. Lite Rametron

⚫Enterprise Rametron :

🔹The Enterprise Rametron is a server version that exclusively supports live streaming; it has ant media, ipfs, and a node chain that will be running constantly. 50000 is the necessary minimum bet. Ant Media will have domain name mapping in the paid version.

The build package of node is only compatible with ubuntu.

➡How To Activate Enterprise Rametron:

🔹To start the node, users need to generate a wallet address that will be done by adding the password by the node owner with the enterprise rametron node in the background. After that the chain will start and the wallet address that is generated will be shown in the Web UI.

🔹The next step is go to your personal web wallet and click in the rametron section and within that select the enterprise section. Now a pop up will display on your screen, put your wallet address and password in the pop then click on the submit button.

🔹When all the steps mentioned are completed the minimum amount required to activate your wallet will be shown on your screen. Put the required amount and your rametron will be activated.

➡The Working Of Enterprise Rametron

🔹Only livestreaming will work with enterprise rametron and only live streaming jobs will be allocated to it.

🔹The best part is when the live streaming ends the reward will be transferred to the node within a few moments.

🔹After the video has ended streaming, it will be stored and converted to hls as per normal process, either using ant media or ffmpeg. An API layer will check tasks for live streaming or video uploads, and if live streaming is enabled, it will be forwarded to enterprise rametron depending on geolocation, online, and availability. The video will be then served from ipfs to VOD.

📢Important note :

We will need to serve video from the local node to the user then boot node.

It means files will be uploaded at the local node and will be served from the local system.

If not working from the local system then only will be served from the boot node.

⚫Basic Rametron :

🔹This is a desktop rametron that is compatible with Mac, Windows and Ubuntu. This version will consist of ipfs and FFMPEG.

➡How To Activate Basic Rametron:

🔹First step to activate the basic rametron is to install the software. Then open your personal wallet and stake on any pool that is accessible after copying your personal wallet address.

🔹To connect the wallet to rametron, go to the rametron app and add your wallet address then press connect. Save your wallet address one at a time with rt after your wallet is connected. And remember that the same address cannot be used twice.

🔹It will be simple, connect the wallet where the address of the staking wallet will be added, verify on chain with stake balance and transaction hash. Pool addresses can be yours or any other basic RT addresses; no background chain will be run for them.

➡The Working Of Basic Rametron

🔹The basic rametron will work with uploaded videos. Whenever any video is uploaded to S3 it will be sent to any rametron that is available at that moment, then the rametron will decide the resolution at once.

🔹And based on the resolution that is detected it will transcode the video to its original quality. Then with the help of original quality url it will generate 1080p, 720p or 480p quality flavor and ABR flavor.

🔹After the finishing of transcoding at any step rewards for P-O-E will be transferred to the node off chain.

📢Important note :

Video will be served from ipfs to users from the boot node for now. For this kind of rt all web rt will act as a boot node after 24 hours all video must be served from rt web and enterprise node for the first 24 hour it will serve from boot node.

⚫Pro Rametron :

🔹This pro rametron web will include IPFS, FFMPEG and a chain running continuously in the background.

➡How To Activate Pro Rametron:

🔹Similar to the enterprise rametron, the node will request a password before generating a wallet that the user can stake on using their own wallet.

➡The Working Of Pro Rametron

🔹The Pro rametron will only work for uploaded videos. Whenever any video is uploaded to s3 automatically it will be sent to any of the available rametron web and at rametron side it will detect the resolution once.

🔹And based on that resolution it will transcode to hls original quality.Then using the original quality Url it will generate 1080p,720p,480p quality flavour and ABR flavour.

🔹Once transcoding is finished at any step,POE reward will be transferred instantly to the node offchain. Rewards will be granted to you even if only a step is completed.

📢Important note :

Video will be served from ipfs to users.

⚫Lite Rametron :

🔹Lite Rametron will be an Android and IOS Mobile application where IPFS will be used.

➡How To Activate Lite Rametron:

🔹the users will be able to activate it the same way they activate the basic rametron.

➡The Working Of Lite Rametron

🔹 As a reward for completing short games and levels, users will receive P-O-E rewards that are available directly in their wallets.

📢Important note :

🔹No file will be served and no transcoding will be done.

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