Smart contract

Smart contract

Posted by: admin | 15 Jul 2022

Smart contract

What does a smart contract mean⛓️?

➡️A smart contract is a decentralized program running business logic in response to events. Executing a smart contract can lead to an exchange of funds, the provision of services, the release of digitally locked material, or other sorts of data manipulation, such as altering the name on a land title. The enforcement of privacy protection can also be done via smart contracts.

How do smart contracts execute

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➡️Smart contracts work by executing basic “if/when…then…” phrases encoded into blockchain code. When certain circumstances have been verified to have been satisfied, a network of computers will carry out the actions. These can include paying out money to the right people, registering a car, sending out notices, or writing a ticket.

➡️When the transaction is finished, the blockchain is then updated. As a result, the transaction cannot be modified, and only parties to whom permission has been granted can view the outcome.

➡️A developer can design a smart contract, but more and more businesses are using blockchain for business, offering templates, web interfaces, and other online tools to make building smart contracts easier.

➡️The smart contract is set up to receive event updates from an “oracle,” which is effectively a streaming data source that has been cryptographically protected, after it has been implemented. Once it gets the proper combination of events from one or more oracles, the smart contract begins to operate.

Smart Contract And Blockchain

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➡️Ethereum is the most well-known blockchain smart contract platform, built specifically to enable smart contracts. This framework is a decentralized platform that executes smart contracts free from the risk of downtime, censorship, fraud, or outside influence. It is written in the Solidity programming language. Transactions involving smart contracts, inter-person transactions, and their source code are all stored in the Ethereum blockchain database.


➡️A smart contract’s implementation can result in a funds transfer, the delivery of services, the release of digitally secured content, or other types of data modification. The Ethereum blockchain database stores all smart contract transactions, inter-person transactions, and their source code.

➡️This system is a decentralized platform that executes smart contracts without being subject to the danger of outage, censorship, fraud, or outside interference. It was created using the computer language Solidity.

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