Uniblok : As a Decentralized Marketplace Alternative

Uniblok : As a Decentralized Marketplace Alternative

Posted by: kshitij lunthi | 01 Sep 2022

Uniblok : As a Decentralized Marketplace Alternative

Freelancing has become popular nowadays because of its many advantages. Survey results indicate that 48% companies hire freelancers for their requirements. Benefits of freelancing include greater flexibility in work hours and greater control over the amount of compensation one receives.

In the market, there are many platforms that offer freelancers the opportunity to work with them and also act as a mediator in connecting companies (clients) with freelancers (talents). As a freelancer in the process of finding clients and contacting them, one may encounter a number of difficulties. First, you should conduct extensive research in order to identify potential clients who may be looking for your services as a freelancer and even then you cannot be certain that they will respond to your request. In addition to this, the clients are also required to do a great deal of research in order to find the right candidate that meets the requirements of the position, as well as the requirements of the company.

Business and freelancers’ concerns about finding an appropriate marketplace :

Their fees are quite Crushing :

Aside from submitting proposals, other platforms also charge a percentage based on your total billings for each project. Based on your earnings, their service fees range from 5% to 20% (approximately). Every company needs to make money, but for smaller projects, the approximate 20% fee feels like a significant amount. Going for high-paying projects with clients who will be able to provide continuous work makes much more sense.

Requires a significant amount of time and effort :

There is a great deal of time required to use online marketplaces for freelancers and clients. Finding a freelancer and a client that is suitable for both parties( Client and talent ) is not an easy task. There is a considerable amount of time that is wasted in the process.

Contracts with weak terms for clients and talent:

There is a lack of thoroughness in the contract binding the client and the talent before they begin working together. When disputes arise, these problems become even more complex.

Spam Clients/Talent :

There is also the possibility of fraud occurring on these online marketplaces. There is a high probability of fraud occurring in these marketplaces as a result of a lack of security during the signup process. An example would be when a client requests a demo and in the demo, they have the talent perform the work they desire and afterwards, ghost the talent. Furthermore, there are some freelancers who perform lousy work and take full payment. If confronted, they take a considerable amount of time to complete the task, thereby wasting the time of the client.

Uniblok a marketplace designed to address these concerns :

As above we discussed the concerns of freelancers and businesses when they selected an appropriate marketplace, to counter all those concerns we have a solution named Uniblok : a marketplace where both clients (companies) and talent (freelancers) can meet their needs in a well-organized manner.

Here’s the features of Uniblok :

  • It is a platform that is entirely based on blockchain technology, making it more secure and immutable.
  • One of the unique features of this platform is that it allows both fiat and crypto payment methods to be accepted.
  • With our platform, we offer smart contract features that ensure client and talent confidentiality and safety.
  • To make working more convenient for clients and talents, we offer a metaverse meeting option.

How to start working with Uniblok :

  1. The process of working with Uniblok begins with the posting of a job post by the client and the searching for a job by talent over the web.
  2. A talent can bid for a job which he has found most suited to his skills and experience, he can submit a proposal to the client in order to get the job.
  3. Upon receiving the proposal from the talent, the client can determine whether or not the talent is a good fit for the project, or whether the bid he requested is fair and reasonable.
  4. Following the acceptance of the proposal by the client, talent will be notified of the acceptance, and then they will be ready to begin working together.
  5. After the proposal acceptance stage, it is time to develop a smart contract containing pre-determined terms and conditions between the client and the talent, including dispute resolution terms, payment methods, payment terms, and payment timings etc.
  6. As part of Uniblok’s platform usage, a predetermined percentage is charged to the concerned party and there is no other commission or fee associated with the service.
  7. Next, the client and talent should select the payment method which they find most suitable among these two options: (i)Fixed cost method (ii)Flexible Timesheet
  8. In the last step, it’s time for executing smart contracts after competition of the task client pay the agreed amount to the talent and task call out as done, however, if there is a dispute between any party, the smart contract will be executed based on the terms agreed upon for this situation and payments will be made in accordance with those terms.
  9. Our add-on feature enables all meetings and interactions between clients and talent to take place in a metaverse, which simulates the physical presence of the client and talent next to one another.

Final Thoughts

The market is awash with decentralized platforms that allow clients and talents to connect, but the question is which platform offers the best features and benefits to the parties concerned. We are here with answers to all such questions at UNIBLOK, a decentralized platform based on blockchain technology and with IPFS technology we ensure that the data of the clients and talent is secure from any kind of scammer activity.

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