x Vision | Uniblok Tech Private Limited


Creating a blockchain freelancer and client marketplace where they can interact without compromising their privacy.

Building a new world, Together

Our vision is to provide Blockchain professionals with an opportunity to showcase their talents as they struggle to make a good living in the modern world.

Uniblok is a marketplace that is only made for blockchain professionals so that they can interact and work with other blockchain professionals. This marketplace is built on blockchain and all the work like meeting, payments are done on blockchain and while making it we also keep in mind how important privacy and convenience is for you that's why we will store all your data in blockchain.

A Step Towards Bringing Blockchain Professionals Together

Clients & Talents aren't always able to communicate with each other properly so to give you more real world experience we will conduct your meetings in metaverse.

We understand how important privacy is to you.

Your data is secured with IPFS technology which is impenetrable and will be kept in a distributed file system that can only be accessed with the special key on your computer.

Payment Process:Faster and safer

To make the payments faster and safer, we allow cryptocurrency payments in addition to standard payment methods.

Payment-Based Rewards

Use PTX coin to make payment, you'll benefit with extra savings and rebates.

Our Mision

Our Aim is to provide a marketplace that is exclusively for blockchain professionals With blockchain technology at its core & here the payments are supported by cryptocurrency.

Creating the most reliable and effective ecosystem of its kind, we connect blockchain professionals through our platform, which was designed for blockchain professionals.Our competitive spirit in the decentralised blockchain industry is what makes us strong.