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Explore the business experience in metaverse

All client and talent interactions will take place in the metaverse with better experience and usability.

Enter the metaverse by designing your avatar

Create your own meeting environment

Get Seamless meeting experience

Present your screen, record your meeting session at one click

Add more privacy to meeting with help of blockchain technology using rametron

Top Features

Meeting In Uniblok

Uniblok is a one of its kind marketplace that organizes online meetups for users in the Metaverse.

Select or Create an Avatar

Choose an avatar from the choices offered, and proceed to the next stage of the meeting.

Customize your meeting environment

According to your preferences, choose the meeting environment that will work best for you.

Get real-world meeting experience in metaverse

Take every step of the meeting as if you were there physically, and execute it as if you were actually there.

For Blockchain Professionals

A marketplace that is exclusively for blockchain Professionals.

Find Projects

You can discover many blockchain projects related to your skills.


Meet blockchain professionals and grow your network.

Meet and Secure

The blockchain technology will be used to encrypt all your interactions & information.

Increased Privacy with Blockchain

We use IPFS to store your data on blockchain, which ensures data privacy and security.

Tamper proof data

Blockchain technology totally depends on security, your data is completely safe with us.

Easy retrieval of data history

Your data is stored in encrypted files with blockchain technology, and you can simply access it using a private key.

Faster data transfers

You can quickly transfer your data using the blockchain technology's encoding information system.

Pay Digitally

In addition to Fiat Money as mode of payment, we also accept payment in cryptocurrency for supported countries.


Pay using PTX and get exclusive discounts and offers.


It is a decentralized blockchain with smart contract functionality.


It is a layer two scaling solution called Polygon that works in cooperation with the Ethereum blockchain to provide quick transactions and low cost.


USDT is a cryptocurrency that tries to maintain a constant value.


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